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  • Want to join the staff team? Read the requirements and put your application here!
Want to join the staff team? Read the requirements and put your application here!
 #27312  by Xlonewolfmoon
 Mon Aug 13, 2018 8:53 pm
My username is: AurorasPalace, and I'm applying for the role of Moderator on the 1.7.10Pack server.

Age: I'm a 19yr old guy name Zack, born may 20th 1999. Though I don't like mentioning my age much. I usually let people assume my age and go with that.

I don't have an exact time on the server, I've been playing since the 1.7.10 pack's server was brought up, and most likely on the server before then. Either way, I've put on weeks and weeks of playtime to this server and it's community.

I'm already a Helper, as I have been before. And i'm looking to apply for a higher role because I believe I could help more, and in other ways. On the release of 1.8, I spent some time working on small mods with friends, and I got decent at programming them. I've since stopped that, as it wasn't too enjoyable, but it did leave me with an in-depth understanding on how they work and such. I think given time, I would be able to help clear up mod related problems and issues to help make the server run smoother, as well as players happier.
As well as looking into the mods, I would be able to help regulate the chat and community when something such as, a base getting blown two thousand meters in the air, leaving the victim annoyed and spewing fire in chat.

I have experience Hosting, as well as staffing on a couple other modded servers, Usually at a little smaller of a player-count then this one though. As for a real-world equivalent to Community Management, I help run a NonForProfit animal sanctuary, Where I control their websites, social media, and give tours of the facility. Requires me to deal with a lot of people almost daily.

62TB disks of Raid5 would leave you with 12TB raw storage, but land you at 9.1TB (Aka 9313.21GB) Usable storage.

Everything I would've liked to include in my application is up above! Thanks for taking the time to read it ^~^