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  • Want to join the staff team? Read the requirements and put your application here!
Want to join the staff team? Read the requirements and put your application here!
 #27327  by AndyE8
 Sun Sep 02, 2018 5:13 pm
Username: AndyE8
Age: 16
Time on server: 16 months or so
Discord name: AndyE8
Current Age and Bday: 16, 24.4. 2002
Gender: male
Server you are applying for staff on: 1.7.10

Why do you think you would make a good addition to our staff team?

I have proven that I can get things done, I have proven that I can be tough at times and nice, always, people can get annoying at times and I feel proud that I am now able to shut them up. Becoming a moderator will help me a lot, and will help the server a ton. I can find exploiters and dupers in my sleep, I am a good addition aswell because I'm active, all the time.

What experience do you have with community management?

Many players have told me that I would make a good mod, including helpers that are also looking forward for mod. I feel special because I was never this accepted before I got helper, which indicates a really good path to moderator. Fair, I will never abuse my powers, no matter what.

And just a fun question, If you have 6 2TB drives in raid 5, how much storage do you have available?

It would have 10 TB with 2 TB of backup/system files however it would have a higher fail rate.

Do you have any other experience you feel makes you a good choice for a community manager?

I've had a lot of experiences as helper, new errors that all got resolved and friendships that were made, I believe I am ready for mod, making a new change that will stun the server. People have doubted me since the beginning, however I am an unpredictable slippery snail. These experiences as helper has improved my personality and made me mature up as a whole, which I believe is incredible. Thank you to all who have supported me since the beginning! :D
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