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  • Want to join the staff team? Read the requirements and put your application here!
Want to join the staff team? Read the requirements and put your application here!
 #111  by Heimdall_
 Sun Oct 15, 2017 9:14 pm
Username: Heimdall_
Age: 27 Years of Age
Time on server: About 1 month roughly
Discord name: o0Razzy0o

Why do you think you would make a good addition to our staff team?

I believe I would be a suitable candidate for staff due to my ability to work with people, my age and my activity. I've worked as a project manager for an insurance company for 4 years now. Managing people is what I do all day everyday. I am almost into my 30's (good lord) and I feel that my age brings a recognizable amount of wisdom and calm into the equation. Lastly my time on the server, although I've only been here for relatively a month my play time is quite high. I am on the server for usually about 4 hours at least, 6 days a week.

What experience do you have with community management?

As I stated above I have worked as a manager for the better part of my life so far. Regardless of that I have staffed two separate Minecraft servers. The first one being Morsodiocraft (Bteam Server). The second being a small friend run server.

And just a fun question, If you have 6 2TB drives in raid 5, how much storage do you have available?

None because the failure rate would be mightily high.

Do you have any other experience you feel makes you a good choice for a community manager?

The last thing I believe that would make me a good community manager is that I'm not an antagonist. I don't like to spur people on for sport all it does is create issues. In return I'm not easily spurred myself I am able to keep my cool for as long as need dictates. In addition to this I do know Java and Python and just a tad of Lua which may come in handy if I am allowed to move up through the staff ranks.