• Dsaggese's Ban Appeal - Duping

  • Think you were banned unfairly? Appeal here.
Think you were banned unfairly? Appeal here.
 #215  by Dsaggese.
 Sat Feb 03, 2018 2:58 am
IGN: Dsaggese
Ban Reason: Duping Shit
Date of Ban: Thursday 2/1/18

I was recently caught and banned for duping in front of an administrator. I do know that duping is a big issue in the server and should never be used or you'll be given a severe permanent ban. Since I started playing on the server I've had a lot of fun and I wish to not see all the fun go away for using exploits. I truly want to apologize for breaking the rules to get ahead of others player who have been working hard to get their items legitimately and for wasting the staff's precious time to deal with me for making the experience for others unfair.

sincerely- Areil Noob