• Banned by power hungry ex-staff

  • Think you were banned unfairly? Appeal here.
Think you were banned unfairly? Appeal here.
 #240  by HenkFisher
 Sun Feb 11, 2018 12:25 pm
So today around 1 O'clock UTC+1 I've been banned by an Ex-staff member who seemed quite unfit to play online games. The name was Azazel, however, that is a nickname, just like "The Thaumaturge". I have very little to provide in screenshots, but I think even the dude himself would say he banned me just for fun. It also should provide some proof that I'm banned for "Enjoy". The dude was messing with everyone on the server and calling himself "cruel" but "fun". First he cleared my inventory for no reason at all, which was pretty loaded with stuff I need, not worth much, but I'll still have to grind everything back at this stage. I hope this can be resolved fast