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Ban Appeal - Banned because of proof of hacking

PostPosted:Tue Aug 21, 2018 12:01 pm
by Speedingmaniac
I have recently been banned because of proof of hacking and i would like to say that it is true i installed a mod into the directory of the mod pack that allows me to look through walls and see ores.I also noticed it allowed you to fly however i didn't really use that at all and mainly used X-Ray at the beginning but when i progressed and got zivicio Armour and got rich because of magical crops i stopped using the hacks and forgot to remove it from my directry and that screenshot you have with the 100 percent in the top left ment i was going at normal speed and not hacking and at that point i wasn't using the hacks at all which is why i forgot about the hacks in the top left and posted the screenshot.

I love this server so much you wouldn't believe it and i am so sorry for wasting so many peoples time like brix haxy and more and i would completely understand if you feel i am not worth unbanning especially as i understand i have been a pain to you all and i can only hope you have a kind heart and i can only pray that you believe in second chances because this server means the world to me

Thank you for you're time

Re: Ban Appeal - Banned because of proof of hacking

PostPosted:Tue Sep 18, 2018 12:14 pm
by brixazure
please provide proof of the mod being removed fully, and that you consent to random and many searched from the staff team mods and up.