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  • Think you were banned unfairly? Appeal here.
Think you were banned unfairly? Appeal here.
 #27334  by socially inept
 Wed Sep 12, 2018 7:49 pm
Hi, to those who read this, my name is inept; recently I have been banned from Haxy's for "Being part of a duping team".
I have attempted to gather all the information that I could before writing this in an attempt to be as clear and concise as possible.

Currently, it is to my understanding that the evidence for my ban stemmed from a screenshot of Auroras Palace holding an item filter. I am aware of Aurora's past, however, I was not aware of him supposedly duping this time around. I do not support duping or exploitation of any kind, I personally believe it ruins the fun of the game.

I do not believe that it is fair to ban someone from a server for an act that they had no control over nor knowledge of the act alone. it seems to be purely unjust to do so, I had just received helper and was about to hit 300 hours of playtime, I've fallen in love with the community and would never do anything to intentionally jeopardize it, so when I received that ban message I was incredibly saddened by the fact that I had been thrown out of the very community that I grew to love.

In short, I do not believe my ban was fair nor justified; and I would appreciate it being revoked, even if it means losing my helper rank, I truthfully just want to be able to interact with the community and play Minecraft with my friends, a sentiment I believe most can relate to.

if you need to contact me my discord is: socially inept recluse#9541
my ign is: inept_recluse