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  • Think you were banned unfairly? Appeal here.
Think you were banned unfairly? Appeal here.
 #3743  by FireGod_YT
 Wed May 09, 2018 5:10 pm
I have been accused of duping, I acted really immature about it and decided to go on a really rude and ignorant roasting spree in which I was making fun of admins and Knife, how they didn't do their jobs correctly and or abused.
I am truly sorry from the bottom of my heart for causing mass spam, mass unnecessary mess, and of course being toxic.

I did not realise my actions until I have said a word that I have never used before directed to Sebastian, he has blocked me anyways so no way I can apologise. What I have said will never be heard again and I am truly sorry, really am for whoever those I have hurt in any way form or shape.

Whoever reads this, maybe Brix? I am sorry I commented about your daughter, it was such a horrible move I could ever make, btw ur daughter is very cute.

If I do get unbanned (Which at this point is very unlikely) I would like to return with 0 toxicity and anyway or rudeness, I will treat the staff members as of how they are supposed to be treated, with respect.
If I made fun of any staff for not doing their job, I am sorry, this time I'm being serious. They could be doing things, productive things in their life yet they choose to still play and make our community a better and friendly way.

As I said, if I get unbanned I will make sure to apologize to each and every single person I had made feel bad about themselves or just hurt them in any way, Knife especially. I acted immaturely and acted in a way that I never acted before because I was mad and angry, also that week my grandmother became sick and there is no way she is surviving this one, so I took out my anger on the community.

Again, I am very very very sorry for those who I had wasted time on, made them feel angry or any way of hatred towards another. I will make sure (hopefully) to return to the server once again and teach everyone some tips as well, I also aim to destroy the toxicity in this server once in for all.

I'm really sorry for this long message and I hope you guys feel me, how I am struggling now and how every other modpack is boring.


This video is 7 seconds long, I advise you to watch it.

-FireGod_YT (Ingame Name)
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