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Want to suggest a change or request new things? Do it here!
 #27339  by SirR3AL_95
 Mon Oct 15, 2018 2:50 pm
So I love using PneumaticCraft for the cool blocks it adds to the game and the basic functionality of the mod, however, on ther server I can tell Drone API is dsiabled in the configs. I can understand why the Drone API is disabled due to abuse but by doing so the Amadron Drone's (which is crucial for getting advanced items in the midgame of the mod) API has also been disabled and players can no longer advance in the mod at a certain point for since the Drone API has been disbaled, these Amadrones can no longer deliver these crucial parts and progression has halted for players invested in the mod. Like I said I am aware of why they are banned (a.k.a Tracking) but it config has kind of halted all progession in the mod. So I was thinking as a suggestion to help these players get around the Amadron Drone Delivery issue was if these certain parts we sold on the server market plugin in the Server Stock page? That way players still have to pay in order to get them, drones are still disabled and worthless, and players can advance deeper into the mod! I feel it would greatly improve game experience for players invested in PneumaticCraft and overall the server and was wondering if this could become a thing? The items are the "PCB Blueprint", "Assembly Program: Drill," and "Assembly Program: Laser."
 #27346  by brixazure
 Tue Nov 13, 2018 6:27 pm
First off, the API isnt disabled. Second, this only started when drones were banned, but we cant seem to find a fix since they have been unbanned. We dont know why. And people dont like my prices i put on stuff in the staff market..so i stopped...we are working on getting the drones workiung...but look in the FAQ on discord..we have had reports of it working at a certain block level.