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Want to suggest a change or request new things? Do it here!
 #3741  by boltfox20
 Thu May 03, 2018 4:08 pm
I understand that this is an Anarchy server. I'm okay with that. What I'm not okay with is being singled out and hunted for no reason, as I was, today. I was minding my own business in my base when someone that had been messing around with me through chat decided to take it to the next level. He specifically hunted me down, found the base me and my friend had, killed both of us, blew up the base, and killed us, again. The only reason he didn't kill us any more was because we stopped leaving spawn. Meanwhile, he told me that he would continue to hunt me if I did not stay quiet about this assault.

A manager came in to handle the situation and informed me that this person bullying me was not officially bullying me unless it happened every day. So, apparently, you let people bully others as long as it's not the same person for multiple days. this is a seriously bad policy. It's a good thing I am not a suicidal person. That might have been enough to kill me.

Again, I understand that it is an anarchy server. That, however, is not an excuse for letting this behavior slide. People like this are going to destroy this server by bullying the newer players until they all leave the server. I've seen this individual "raid" many bases just for the sake to "teaching people lessons" on many separate occasions and I have not even been a part of this server for very long. I will not give a name unless an admin asks for it in a private message. That would not be fair to this individual, despite him being a bully.

No amount of time is required for someone to be a bully. It only takes one instance of bullying to count. I highly recommend to take this into consideration in the future, before bullies like these ensure that you don't have a server left to manage.
 #3744  by FireGod_YT
 Wed May 09, 2018 5:24 pm
I am the raider, I apologize for hunting you down and making you leave the server. I wish I can return all that I have taken but unfortunately, I can't. I have been banned for being toxic towards the community, too toxic in fact. I apologize that I made you feel this way, if in the highly unlikely events if I do get unbanned. I promise to return every single item I have stolen off of you and will ensure you get to play this server with ur friends again. In the meantime may you log into the server and just tell everyone, FireGod broadcasts to everyone he has raided or hurt or bullied I'm sorry.