• Making suggestions, a how to guide

  • Want to suggest a change or request new things? Do it here!
Want to suggest a change or request new things? Do it here!
 #9  by Arkio
 Mon Sep 04, 2017 8:33 am
Want to suggest something? People throw ideas at us on an almost daily basis, some good, some bad. Unfortunately they're often presented in such a way that we cant realistically investigate them, no matter how good they are. Want yours to stand out and get noticed? Follow this guide and you'll have a far greater chance of your idea coming to fruition.

Firstly, when making suggestions for features or new servers, include links to the relevant items, we cant go searching for every obscure plugin or mod that gets thrown at us, links will greatly increase the chance that Haxy or I will see it and have a proper look.

Next, give us some reasons as to why this is a good idea, if it's a new modpack, is it balanced, how stable is it, have you had a quick look?
If it's a plugin, does it provide anything new, or is it just a replacement for something we already have?

Ask yourself these questions and make sure to provide any relevant information when you make a suggestion on the forums and you'll find it's much more likely to get taken seriously!