• ABT's Staff Application

 #25  by ABT11
 Wed Sep 06, 2017 7:52 pm
Username: ABT11
Age: 17, Turn 18 on March 3'rd next year ;)
Time on server: 06/09/2017 - Dated I joined
Discord name: ABT#8038

Why do you think you would make a good addition to our staff team?
I believe I would be a good addition to your team as I am a very open and approachable person, even after playing for a short amount of time I have already felt an instant connection with the players and especially the staff. I have always been a fantastic team member when I have been apart of one, working great with others and always trying to motivate and improve in places I believe are necessary. I am mature when I need to be, and also a very talkative person which helps with my communication skills with others.

What experience do you have with community management?
I have been part of many communities in my time playing this game, some have had over 10 thousand members of the community where as others not so many. Regardless, I have had the responsibility of managing the communities, whether it be in - game or online on forums. I always have a close relationship with the players which helps when it comes managing them as they are more compliant when it comes to calming things down or even organising events.

And just a fun question, If you have 6 2TB drives in raid 5, how much storage do you have available?
"None, cus itl fail" - ClientHax 06/09/2017

Do you have any other experience you feel makes you a good choice for a community manager?
I feel I am a very good candidate for this position; I have had to manage MANY teams and communities in my past, and I have always had good feedback. I am known to be a very good leader and also a very approachable and understanding person. I am very organised and I always stick to deadlines (when applicable).

Thank you for reading,

 #27  by Arkio
 Thu Sep 07, 2017 4:20 pm
Request accepted, you're now a builder bitch.

Woo professionalism!