• Lathander_ Staff Application

 #132  by Lathander_
 Tue Nov 14, 2017 10:30 pm
Username: Lathander_
Age: 27
Time on server: 2 and 1/2 months
Discord name: Lathander_

Why do you think you would make a good addition to our staff team?

I believe I would be a good addition to the staffing team on Haxy's Hideout because I am active, friendly and have a good relationship with the current staff. I spend usually a minimum of 18 hours weekly on the server and I enjoy every minute of it, through thick and thin, whether it be screwing around with Brix and Queenie or getting blown off the map with a nuke. I have no prior marks or stains on my record and I am more than ready and eager to get to work busting cheaters and working on server builds! (Building is my Fave)

What experience do you have with community management?

I've worked as a manager for a local insurance company for 3 years. I believe this more than qualifies me not only in the art of dealing with insubordinate, uncooperative and angry people, but also keeping a level head in tough and or trying situations regardless of what's going on at that time whether it be in game or in my personal life.

And just a fun question, If you have 6 2TB drives in raid 5, how much storage do you have available?

You would have a massive amount of storage... if you're delusional enough to think that wouldn't fail ;)

Do you have any other experience you feel makes you a good choice for a community manager?

I have Co-Staffed both a friends public server and Morsodic Bteam where I was an admin when it was still running. (Sadly it ended about a year ago due to funding). These experiences have only added to my knowledge of dealing with people and their usually horrendous attitudes :P.