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Chat About The 1.7.10 Pack here!
 #197  by CoolPJ99
 Wed Jan 17, 2018 7:38 pm
Last night while I was trying to find a new base, I went to sort one of my golden bags of holding using inventory tweaks and it caused me to crash for some reason. After this occurred, I have been unable to log back into the server even after reinstalling the pack. Please let me know if there is anything that can be done to fix this. If anything, id prefer to not have my inventory wiped as I had literally all of my things with me. Thanks!

In game username: CoolPJ99
 #3710  by Antonio_Toni
 Sat Mar 31, 2018 6:31 pm
Did you put ME drives in the bags? If the game crashes you can send someone that’s staff your crash report.