• Staff corruption/general lack of professionalism

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Chat About The 1.7.10 Pack here!
 #27368  by Cam
 Sun Dec 23, 2018 1:49 pm
The playerbase and most of the staff on this server have been fine for the most part, and the staff seem to have a decent relationship with the players. However, some of them are just not really good staff members as far as I can see. The only one I have a particular complaint against is The_Knife_Pie, who warned people for pretty much just trying to figure out why they were warned in the first place, and proceeded to be rude and talk about how they really don't care about being on the discord. I really don't see any reason to keep members like that in your team. Furthermore, there is no way to report staff members, which is very strange. Players should have a private way that only the head admin and owners see, instead of having to report it where anyone can take a look at it.

One other complaint, there is no support channel on the discord server. People can't ask for help in any channels but general, where the message for help is likely to get smothered under chat.
 #27389  by Arkio
 Tue Jan 01, 2019 5:30 pm
So, this post has been brought to my attention albeit a bit late.

As of the 23rd for other reasons, the staff member in question ceased to have any official role within the network. I shan't go into the details as to why here, but know that the issue has been addressed.

Regarding the public nature of reports, if you read our announcement posted recently here then I am sure you will find the steps being taken this year to be meeting your worries head on and hopefully resolving them.

Thank you for the report, I'm now locking this topic as there is nothing more to be one regarding it.